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TRENDSPLANT: Facemasks designed to combat the spread of COVID19.

TRENDSPLANT would like to make their contribution towards fighting against Covid 19. To do so they have launched this project whereby,through using the textile factories of their regular suppliers,they will be able to provide hospitals with sanitary face masks.

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Key workers in our national health sector  need our help. They are on the front line and so permanently exposed to the deadly virus. It is absolutley imperative that they are  as well equipped as possible.

TRENDSPLANT is already taking steps to make this happen.They have combined their own resources with those of their suppliers to begin the production of sanitised face masks. Specifically for this cause they have temporarily put aside the manufacture of sweatshirt patterns in order to offer their  in the battle against the virus.

These face masks contain “benzalkonium chloride, a disinfectant, anti bacterial treatment and inhibitor of viral activity. Although this is an efficient and widely used solution for textiles in sanitary sectors (technical prospectus),we would like to make it very clear that these face masks have not been officially authorised due to the inundation of requests for certification in the corresponding laboratorios. For this reason they will not replace or be used in lieu of the face masks of health professionals   made by the companies which are responsible for their manufacture( surgical masks,N95, FFP3…).Neither will they be used for activities directly linked to the virus ,for instance,in operating theatres or other sensitive,high risk zones. They will,however,be put to use in many other áreas,  this way effectively making the authorised face masks readily available where and when needed, in situations of direct contact with covid 19.


Although the use of these face masks is similar to those of surgical masks one significant difference and advantage  that this anti bacterial treatment offers is the fact that the masks can and be washed and reused 40 - 50 times.

Each mask costs 2,2€.

4,500 sanitised face masks have already been produced,ready to donate urgently to the Hospital of Alicante, the Hospital of San Juan de Alicante and other health and medical centres. To this day(6/04/2020)most have already been donated. This donation has been carried out thanks to the collaboration of Trendsplant,Solcir-the solidarity branch of EUIPO and others.

Furthermore, Trendsplant opens up the possibility for all of us to help by contributing a little, enabling them to continue using the production facilities presently  available to them and so manufacturing the help so urgently required.

In cocollect we encourage business to become involved in the process of fundraising. We refund your donation in the form of discounts which you can use at a later date. You influence how business behaves.

These donations are accepted with the collaboration of “Fundacion de Empresa y Sociedad” (valid certificate for tax refund). 100% (except bank commisions) will go directly to the cause.

¿Want to help?

Trendsplant is a brand born in Alicante, their goal is to take their Mediterranean style to every corner of this world through fashion inpara  a fair and honest way with both with the production chain and the customer.

They put a lot of care in every detail of our pieces so that what you receive is unique, the best fabrics worked by the best embroiderers and stampers who are in charge of the entire production process, people who have worked for decades for the Best brands in the market and with a great experience and know-how in their hands

They manufacture practically all of our products in Europe, specifically between Portugal and Spain, where we ensure that the working conditions of the people who produce them are fair and appropriate.

Robustness, nobility, nomadism, fidelity and longevity are their values. 

Empresa&Sociedad  is an organization that was founded in 1995 and since then inspires innovative commitment of the companies and society, promoting an open and colaborative leadership in areas with potential exponential growth.

After15 years of boosting from zero what is today called coorporate social responsibility, since 2010 they work in three innovation ecosystems:

   -B2B ecosystem, where companies and startups share experiences and colaborate in innovation and strategies.

   -GENIOR, an ideas and actions lab that invites to imagine a digital future. 

   -An international network of colaborative filantropy

Empresa&Sociedad in an organization clasified and registered in the "Registro de fundaciones" with number 28/0999. Order 21.739 of 07/09/1995


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