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Cocollect is an online platform that enables users to not only donate to social, environmental and health causes, but also to be rewarded for doing so by our associate brands. It allows them to increase their impact on the actions that are taken in order to achieve a better world. They decide and the brands act.

At the same time, cocollect permits companies to develop their corporate social responsibility without having to donate large sums of money.

We want to offer the transparency, the reliability and the collaboration that traditionaldonating methods do not have, by promoting global mobilization for the benefit of everybody.

Who are We?

Cocollect was born from the idea of two friends. Both engineers, restless and eager to generate a positive impact in the world. We met in Madrid, and that was when our initial idea began to take shape and form. After some months of plans, ideas, debates and discrepancias we managed to publish the first version of what Cocollect is today..

Pablo Díaz

Carlos Carbo

Our values


A better world is possible. All of our efforts and decisions will be taken with this in mind.


We have no secrets. We will try to communicate everything, and if you have any questions, our door will always be open.


There is always a solution. Our mission is to find it and accelerate it witheverybody’s help.

What move us to do this?

Food industry inefficiencies


People die from hunger every day.


million people in the world suffer from obesity.


29% of the greenhouse effect gases are produced by it.


54% of hydric contamination are produced by it.

Textile industry inefficiencies


Second most contaminating sector after oil.


Second most water demanding sector.


376000 tons of waste per year only in Spain

25 M

25 M tons of of waste per year in the world

Cosmetic industry inefficiencies

46% to 70%

46% - 70% of a cosmetic is water.

Child exploitation

Child exploitation for the extraction of mica for cosmetics.


of chemicals are evaluated to know their impact on health and environment.

100 Million

animals die per year due to experiments.

Construction industry inefficiencies

1000 Million

People do not have a decent home.

100 Million

People do not have a home

Global Energy

40% of the global energy is consumed at homes. 50% of it is not efficient.


Cement plants generate 5.7% of global CO2 emissions

Energy and transport industries inefficiencies

1300 Million

People do not have access to electricity.


80% of European CO2 emissions belong to road transport.


of Europeans are exposed to excessive levels of toxic particles in the air.

100 Million

people live in areas in which the air is not healthy, 1 million of these people die per year due to the bad quality of the air.

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