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Our decisions can change the world.


You can have an impact in social, environmental or health-related causes by having companies collaborate in those issues that matter most to you.

A better future is possible, but only if each of us play our part. Your help, as well as the public and private sector's help, are key in this matter.

Let's fight for a fairer and more sustainable planet.

How does CoCollect work?

Support a cause

Choose a project that appeals to your heart and donate As much as you'd like.

Demand justice

Choose which company you'd like to contribute to your cause. They'll give you a discount in exchange for your donation.

Enjoy your reward

We'll give you a list of discounts and you can choose whichever you want. This discount will be equal to or higher than the amount you've donated.

We've just begun this project, please help us improve.
Do you like our idea?

Thank you very!
You can leave us your comments at hola@cocollect.es.

Some of our discounts


15% discount

Do you like the discounts?

Thank you very!
You can leave us your comments at hola@cocollect.es.

Our active causes

Do you like our causes?

Thank you very!
You can leave us your comments at hola@cocollect.es.

How are you going to change the world?


Changes lie in every little decision we make daily as consumers. We'd like to give you the necessary tools to make consumption decisions that take the planet and its inhabitants into account.


We know you want the best for your clients. Listen to them. Let them tell you what they care about, and play your part to help them. They will be grateful.


You want to build a fairer world, in which human rights and a healthier Relationship with our planet are guaranteed. Keep on doing what you do best. We will try to make it easier for you to continue doing it.

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